Jornal da Beira

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eRep..............  -   46,693 World / New citizens today - 277 (Day 4,562)

eRevollution   -   84,743 World / New citizens today - 1 (Day 1,589)

eDom.............   - 59,339 World / New citizens today - 46 (Day 1,118)

eRevollution 2 - 14,425 World / New citizens today - 1 (Day 590)


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Wait for admin online Smile will delete u r article Laugh
You forgot to put, that erev2 is eDay 590
why delete ? I´m not advertising nothing only facts
Edom rising because boycot on rep, but on rep now new ctizens because air servers.
RIP x3
Rip with this admins
I will never believe 3k in total play these games.
for me the very interesting think is another, in will be not active from 30 day no log, in erev1 erev2 or you are banned or you are active (not important if you are inactive from mounths). In 90% are bot, we know. In erev1 2 90% are inactive (i don t know the other game) Is strange that admin still try to destroy erev1 to make it similar at erev2 when probably there are more active in erev1 xD
Erev RIP