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A lot of people talking about decreased in-game activity and I decided to check it using actual available data.

Chart below shows number of players fighting in battles per day. As you can see, this game used to have 3 times more players fighting in battles than now. Still we have an average of 1000 players hitting in battles everyday which is kind of impressive number to me, although I think we need more players in-game.

If you would like to see more charts like that, please drop your analysis suggestion in the comments below and I will assess the possibility of publishing it in my next article.

Source: data extracted from official eRev2 API and


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Game is dying really this time and if admin dont change something soon it will be the last days of playing
Nice work o7
Collated data is like cheese always appropriate. o7
Best îs to increase X2 X3 speed forever
Good job!
Decline phase is on
Looking bad...