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Добрый вечер
Russia joined UNESCO  in 21 April 1954.
There are a lot of natural, cultural heritages.
Many monasteries, churces, museums and natural areas.
I stop just to Virgin Komi Forest and Lake Baikal.
The Virgin Komi Forest cover 3,28 milion hectares of tundra and mountain tundra of the Urals.
The Komi was declared UNESCO World heritage in 1995.
It is one of the most extensive areas of virgin boreal forest remaining in Europa.
There are many conifers, aspens, birches, peat bogo, rivers and natural lakes.
And  a rich fauna.
Lake Baikal is situated in South – East  of Siberia,it has appropximate 3,15 milion hectares.
It became the UNESCO World Heritage in 1996.
 The Baikal is the oldest (25 milions years) and deepest ( approximate 1700 meters) lake in the
It containts 20 percent of the world’s total unfrozen fresh water reserve.
 It is know as the Galapagos of Russia.



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