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Hello bois , 
this article is about rewards that hide behind 7k needed hits.
So lets go: 

For 750 hits you will got :5 energy bars and 50 rpg
For 1500 hits you will got:10 energy bars and 100 rpg
For 2500 hits you will got :10 q4 missiles and 1 q2 booster
For 3500 hits you will got :20 energy bars and 250 rpg
For 5000 hits you will got: 40 energy bars and 500 rpg
For 7000 hits you will got :15 golds and 1 q4 booster.

Thats it bois, in my opinion rewards are good to farm ,especially for rpg-s. 

See ya and stay safe.


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Comments (7) - Rewards behind weekly 7k hits
Too late for new updates
500 q5 bombs and 250 q3 .... bug
Good job, tnx!
Totally not worth it! Love it.
How is not worth it when you get it for your activity only?