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The Front untold story

The story begins on day 401 Poland and Hungary joining The Front (article). It was my first time involved in any alliance from the start of the erev2. Not long after due to lack of activity(or just not agreeing how hq should work) in HQ we made a voting for new SC. Now I will share some information, I didn't liked how TF worked at that time I was against them but apart of that most of polish government was good being with alliance. Day of the meeting I said in our polish discord that I can be in HQ of TF to help to improve it but I dont want to be a SC. I thought that we would choose BiG Serxhio as our new SC but lets go back to the meeting. Meeting starts and we talk for a little and we only decided that we should make voting for new SC. I was like wtf I thought that we already decided that we need new HQ and SC and this meeting was for electing new SC but ok. Next day there is an earthquake in Albania so BiG Serxhio told us that he cant be SC now. None wants to be SC. CP of Poland (jedimindtrick) choosing me as candidate everyone agrees with him and I become the new SC.

I never as involved in any diplomacy before and it was quite new to me but lets see. Before meeting ends I told that I want atleast on person from each country in HQ and people who are active. Ended up that Poland had the most people in HQ... What I dislike about TF was that we are powerful but still we dont have any good bonuses because we are only focused on fighting with Bulgaria and only country that had any bonuses was France which left. And that we have little information whats going on up there in HQ what plans do we have.

I didnt do much to be honest but I think people from HQ were more involved then before. They were doing somethings and then they kept me informed or asking what next, permission ect. Christmas was coming so Bulgaria asked for suspending the war until holidays are over. So we agreed because we wanted to help Mexico with USA which was threaten them to leave TF. But the day we sign NAP with Bulgaria and start war with USA Mexico left alliance without telling. Everything felt apart in one day on TF discord I read that we should attack USA then it changed to attack Mexico then it changed to attack Peru and it changed to attack France. I were against this attitude that we dont care about bonuses we just want to fight. So I told them that we should sign NAP with everyone until holidays are over and disband alliance and see after holidays if we want to make an alliance or not because I didnt believe anymore in TF. Of course none agreed with me so I resign and went to Bulgaria because they had wep bonuses and NAP with TF.

Looking back I did change one thing which is TF decided that they dont need SC anymore (yay go me!) 

Holidays are over and TF with Bulgaria attacks France so I helped. Then Bulgaria changed side (IDK why, wasnt in any goverment). To some people I didnt hit against TF when Bulgaria changed side( some people in TF have me as a traitor because I wanted to disband alliance and I went to Bulgaria). 

I did went to Croatia, POE disbanded and I went back to TF discord server we agreed that Greece should be kicked out of  alliance because of lack of activity in our server and that they took people from USA government who wiped some of our members. We talk with France and USA. We wiped Peru and someone in discord said we will fight with Bulgaria after NAP because only they are strong enough to fight us. I thought so we back to the beginning but atleast we have good bonuses. Again the thing I disliked that you said Bulgaria is only country strong enough to fight with us but you invited Greece and Romania to help us with fighting vs Bulgaria so that mean Bulgaria was stronger then whole TF. I dont need to tell you that Drethgar was not welcome by some of the members of  TF.

So I was wrong about disbanding TF and being in diplomacy or any of  that role isnt for me. Will stick to the writing article or just farming.
Its only my side of the story.
Idk why I wrote this but I did.


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Bulgaria is strong with multies and they will be wiped long time ago we shoot many hits than them but DS q5 save them and multi yesterday we all know that BG in Last Minutes Use Bombs With All Multies They Shoot With All Multies For 5min 3b so respect for bulgaria but they cant be the strongest country in erev2 only fighting against NE and never against DS q5 SA SER and others we fight from first region with DS q5 and when they attack romania SA SER did they shoot against DS Q5 not cause they dont have ass to shoot against DS q5 they only think about rank nothing more xD
Interesting point of view, thanks for sharing. As for Ragnarok s opinion we will be glad if admin announce all multies in all countries and make ranking for it, so we see who use what and stop with the manipulative statements.
Edge respect but BG cant be the strongest country
Bg is and always will be the strongest country its just a matter of numbers Smile heroisv we never had a chance to interact much with each other but i always respected you as someone who had a clear mind and played the game as it is If i may state some stuff myself is cause i heard lately that i am blamed for disbanding USA If i USA ended up crumbling to nothing after me and raiden left then you can understand how alone and for how long we were doing everything there.We used diplomacy intimidation timing to the best efficiency possible. We managed to keep an image that USA is strong for way longer than we should lol. Lastly i wanna say that the whole France - TF -Bulgaria situation i consider it a huge diplomatic accomplishment of course not only by me but also a couple others too. Reason was that i managed to convince Bulgaria that IF France fell we or they would be next and also we also managed to convince Peru and Mexico too. Here i have to add i had to pay personally hundreds of golds to Peru and Mexico as a deal to get them to fight a war that was away from their borders since the 120 regions USA was blocking every access of TF to peru/mexico. And i wanna add is that one of the reason TF didnt get utterly fucked in the end was an unexpected big dick resistance by the Huns . Croatia rolled over and died when we attack, Poland couldnt resist us either. Albania tried hard but eventually got down too. Greece also down and plan was take Huns so USA reach serbs too and finish up serbs with BG and rom So then only SA would be left but USA never managed to pass over the Huns and my stocks were already low after fighting so long but those Huns lol didnt want anything for a NAP they only wanted to fight XD In conclussion lets finally finish the wipe of BG so this game can finally either die tottally or move over to something else than world vs BG
@Drethgar you did your job but you know that not everyone was so willing to cooperate with you
no problem Smile I am arrogant and capable enough to when i want something done to do it by myself With USA we just got tired of keeping it up so we just left Smile And ofc after we did USA fallen to dust especially since Valuk tried to take over lol
So, you are happy getting this achievments with 70% global firepower? Mexico Romania Greece Albania Hungary Saudi multirabia Serbia Poland Croatia
✌️🇲🇽🤝 I remember those days ... I never agreed with the departure of eMexico s 334 + v16 Visit us: https://www.erev2.com/es/article/6730
CTRL + F jedimindtrick found, V + S + E Laugh