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Dear Players
There is a plan to change a few things in the game and gamemechanics. We have talked with you, listen to your ideas, discussed progress,
and collected things we should change to improve this game. So, we will start
with some small updates:
From 27.06.2020 we will change basic Energy from 500 to 2500 Energy,which means that the old house and field hospital system of energy and refill will be changed, just take look at the table below.


Since we changed energy, a change in the recovery formula is also needed. In the old system, you had 10 energy every 240 seconds, now we changed it into 50 energy every 360 seconds.
Since we “speed up” the game a little bit we will change few things in store too.
We will decrease the price of Field hospital and provide you new Field hospital Quality 3 as an option to buy.

We have changed the amount of gold and Energy bars for each pack to buy with money. You will be able too buy 60, 135, 375, 825, 1260 Gold and Energy bar packs will be changed as well. More about it you will have to wait Saturday 
From 27.06.2020 you will be able to buy a Monthly pack and Gold pack.

The gold pack lasts for 30 days and it costs 99 Gold, you have special items daily when you buy it and +20% rank damage in all battles until you reach level  500. You can buy more packs if you want, but they will last 30 days from the day you activated it, if you activate more packs you will extend the number of days you have it.
Also when you activate the Gold pack you have an energy refill for 60 seconds.
The monthly pack will cost 6,90€ and you can buy it only once every month. When you buy pack with items in it you will have additional -60 seconds refiling energy. 

Advanced Camp and Nuke
From 27.06.2020 we will implement Advanced Camp which provides you more strength per day, so you can grow faster. 

We are also implementing new item in a game called Nuke, and it will give you +1 000 000 000 damage when you drop it. This item will be stack-able.

We are also changing the damage of the missile, see table below. 

Minor changes

 With these changes Energy Bars will not provide 100 energy when you use it, instead, it will provide you 200 energy.
The Hospital and Defense system will last for 20 days instead of 30.
As most of you told us that there are s and automate software used for fighting in battles we have implemented CAPTCHA for players above 200 level

There is small prize for first 50 players who comment/vote article.

For any questions, problems, suggestions, feedback, feel free to contact us via any of the official channels. You can use them also to inform yourself about news, maintenance schedule, updates and any other info regarding the game.

That’s it for now. Until some other time with more news, have fun and enjoy the game.

Sincere regards,


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xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD First part of article ok so erev2 is becoming erevollution but this nuke xDDDDDDDDDD
Interesting, lets see how it will effect the game.
go go goooo
Nice admin
what is cost of Advanced Camp?
No matter, TF is killing the game and soon we will leave
Ok, with this event Bulgaria is officially wiped Smile
so many changes
Tf game killers
Radical changes but its too late,TF killed the game
Why TF killed the game y killed in time with france but we dont give up
teško sranje. sa ovim ste upropastili erev1, a sad će te i dvojku
we will see
let see
0/ ne sviđa mi se
Nice work o7
Looks like COPY/PASTE from Erev1 Smile))))))))))))))))))))))
Not to bad.
Another reason to new players to not come in a game like this.
Cualquier teto con conocimiento básico de matemáticas sabe que no cambia absolutamente nada, no más les están agregando ceros a las cosas para que se vea más llamativo pero en el fondo no cambia absolutamente nada Claro qie todo eso no importa porqie la muñeca es la misma pero trae sombrero nuevo
It s very good news I really like it, but you are bad man admin, because I am locked in mu, no one is active and I can t complete mission àgain, until lost gold mine
We are doomed.
Sooo,7000 + 7000 energy each morning? Jez ,that s a lot of time for hitting. Also how will the Nuke be produced exactly?Would it be able to trade it? Overall I believe good changes,but still one thing lacking - investment in adds and new players.What are the administration plans for that?
LOL, jesus. You guys don t even think about new players, right? This only turns even harder for a new player to develop in the game. What a mess!
Vote 38
We need more food now but new players are losers they will need gold too.
Interesting changes
Voted! We need more food or delete the field camp restriction!!!
Votod #41
Voted #42
Dear Players There is a plan to change a few things in the game and gamemechanics. We have talked with you, listen to your ideas, discussed progress, and collected things we should change to improve this game. So, we will start with some small updates First few words and lie hahahahah Admin listening to player LoL 🤣
something new...? I cant believe this...
admin aba zurgs xeli chaayole, shignit rame xo ar dagrcha LaughLaughLaughLaugh
v48 bravo
Admin when you change energy recovery, will you increase the productivity of a food company?
Haha boom..boom..boommmm.... Laugh
asi me gusta,cambios para un mejor juego!
Erev1 Is coming...
I think the fundamental issue of this game is not covered by the introduction of these changes, which is the distance between new and old players. To me, raising new players strength with packs or any other manner won t solve this issue. As admin is willing to change mechanics of the game, I was hoping to see different changes, and not a compilation of copy and paste from other similar games.
v nice o7
I wanted to write a comment, but why bother, you will ruin one more game
we have implemented CAPTCHA for players above 200 level bs. should be for everybody or at least above 50 level.
Costs for update new training??
I m not the 50 player
Its good for New players, imagine how much gold they will gor for only one nuclear missile
Smart Admins
Admin listen...........what a joke.........if they listen why have they still got the rank up in missions.....I know why to make everyone spend gold to pass it
small prize?
Why you have a two servers? Everything os a same. Your ideas are fucked up.
who cares what you do, you are ruining 2 games... I only keep playing as it is like a drug habit... I know it is bad for me but I can t stop
For everyone that asked about nukes... most of you that asked probably don t play Erev1... well I am sry to disapoint you bu if he makes them as in Erev1, the damn nukes will only be able to be bought from a stupid pack paid with Euros. So more pay to win.. and cash into the hungry admin pockets.. He probably spoke to one person that needed this kind of new updates... abd that is his wife yelling at him that she needs new clotges, a new car, some new furniture and god knows what else she needs... because he shore not heard this kind of bullshit from a player on thus server. DEAR ADMIN, IF YOU NEED CASH JUST BE HONEST AND TELL US, FOR GODS SAKE, AND WE CAN MAKE A DAMN ACCOUNT AND ALL COBTRIBUE, VUT DON T LIE TO US LIKE YOU DID IN THIS ARTICLE. BE A MAN AND SAY LOWD THAT YOU ARE HUNGRY GOR CASH AND YOUR POCKETS ARE EMPTY.....
Bad changes. I dont see any changes in production or help for players to keep up.
so next admin upgrade coming equip modul-why i know it? just magic Laugh
oh wow
Koji debilizam. Za kojeg qrca ste pravili onda erev2. Da bude kopija erev1 ili..
No Multipass it won t ... because he already tried to delete this module from eRev1... so I expect that will be the change
worst update yet
I hope that admin is going to refund the gold spent in field q1 q2. It s not clearly said that the house system is changing about the energy recovery but it seems logical that it s not going to depend of the uppest house but the addition of all houses. why speed up the game it s a game of strategy in a browser... some people have work, studies... is it really good to advantage no life? At least I like the boost of EB ^^
It clear we needed some change, and rebalancing. I think these are all good areas for change I just fear the SCALE is too high. Going from base of 500 to say 1000 would have been a better incremental increase. Players will now be consuming a radical additional amount of food and weapons now this large of a jump in the short term is going to really hyperinflate economies and the cost of things. It would have been easier for the economy to adjust to this if the increase a little less radical.
With this update, Erev1 also died, now you have given eRev2 the final blow! Congratulations Admin!