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Hello everyone!

Sorry to disturb all of you,but I see this is a tradition - when someone leaves the game he writes a few words on departure.

Well,not exactly sure what to write here.For the past 3-4 days I haven t been fighting at all,only loged in to work/train.I came to this game on Day 1 when they published the news  in erev1 about opening a second server.I was very excited to join,was thinking this could really be a great game.And perhaps it was.For a period of time.I invested so much time in searching for players for the game,making articles and projects,having both good and bad times while doing so.I have no regrets about spending my time here and I enjoyed most of it.I am only sorry that the game doesn t do anything for me anymore.I lost the passion months ago and only reason I continued to this day was nostalgia.Well,everything has to come to an end eventually.My time for gaming is getting limited more and more due to real life work and obligations so I had to decide how to reform my time online.Sadly I will continue to play only 1 game and that s it.

I d like to thank the entire Bulgarian community .Not going to mention names,because I don t want to leave someone out of the article.

Благодаря на всички ви!На тези,които сте тук и играете все още и на онези,които спряха или продължиха в друга игра!Без вас играта нямаше да е същата за мен.

I d like to thank all of the other countries as well.Be it friend or enemy,you guys in one way or another gave the game flavor,made it interesting.With some of you we had great relations and understanding,with some of you - we had rivalry and things often got dirty.But thats the game.

My one big request from all of you - Things get heated,stuff get said.Once you log off from this game,do not carry hate and xenophobia in your hearts.Always know - this is a GAME.Make your real life more positive and kind than what we do here sometimes.

P.S. I will still be around.If anyone needs contacts with me feel free to message me on Discord at any time - Boikov#0964

Boikov out o7


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o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 Sad
prepare for war in the other one haha GL and o7
GLe in RL o7
Farewell, and for what it concerns, I never questioned the fact that you were an ambasador of this game menthoring Bulgarians and alot more. There were only a few that done this at that level you did it and even though we had our diferences I only did it on game level and not keeping any of it out of this game or any other. See you at the Black Sea with a cold beer if you want any time be it on the RO side or the BG side.
pienso igual que tú, aliados o enemigos somos una comunidad que debemos apoyarnos y no tomarnos personal el juego, para tratar de sacar adelante el juego para los que aun jugamos que bonito que todos pensaran igual pero no es así
GL Sad
My best wishes to you and your real life friend, I hope we meet again o7
GL, see you in other games Sad
Leaves us another great player. Giant! I dare say that he has done more for this game than anyone else. Thanks for everything! о7
o7 o7 o7
Gl o7
Good luck bro 💪
o7 good luck
Gl bro
so long Boikov Things get heated,stuff get said.Once you log off from this game,do not carry hate and xenophobia in your hearts.Always know - this is a GAME. Make your real life more positive and kind than what we do here sometimes. Man this is my mantra!!! See you around Smile
A great one leaves us o7 Boikov
See you out there o7
Good luck. O7
За мен беше чест да играя с теб! Желая ти само добро в РЖ! о7
Regalame tu oro y recursos antes de que te vallas
gl in rl! o7 p.s. if you keep logging to work and train, you are still playing the game Wink
Boikov is one of best players of the game o7
gl my bro