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Published in Croatia - Social interactions and entertainment - 29 Jun 2020 07:25 - 9

After yesterday win TF vs Bulgaria
and party celebrating wiping Bulgaria

You have to ask a question whats next?
Most people from top rank went to three countries SA Serbia and Bulgaria
Since Bulgarian players said that they wont play anymore(
they did same thing a year ago)
The point is who is next?
Probably Peru or France.
And as Bulgaria were almost fine with defending until nuke were introduced that Peru and France won't.
Admin makes problems but we do it too when people changing cs to make overpowered countries.
People liked the game in the beginning  because there were a lot of countries that had their community.

What's next?


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Excellent article and excellent question, honestly we already know what will happen, TF will go for France and Peru, is more than obvious, besides with these changes little or nothing motivates you to play, honestly you have a point in favor before there were small communities but since everyone went to the countries stronger example TF, which is Serbia and Sa have almost all the damage of the game, but well better start the boycott instead of being at war the game needs changes
Ofc peru is next
My avatar is here, vote for you
I vote for Peru Smile
Kirito, month ago Bulgaria, France and USA were one of strongest counties. They tried to delete Serbia.....
@Dejan And one month before The Front make a 6vs1 against France ?
One of the things I really liked earlier on in the game were alliances breaking and reforming to prevent OP issues. Some of the very things many of the players complained about happening in erev1. With the rapidly reducing community its unfortunate this server has repeated history.