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Published in Canada - First steps in eRevollution - 04 Jul 2020 07:47 - 39

hello all. please guys i need your help i just want only subscribers to get mogul medal please help and subscribe my newspaper thx all


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Comments (39)

you really think that this game has 100 active players?
yeah bro it haves 200+ active players Laugh @herosiv
Subscribed. Good luck Davidich LaughLaugh
S5 v6
gl lol
thx all Laugh when i get mogul medal it will be proof that this server haves 100+ active players and more 100 in reserve Laugh lets do it guys
დავაი ძმებო 100 საბი მოვხოდოთ :დდ
ise eg unda damewera Laugh martla spasiba yvela qartvel dzmebs biwebo daxmarebistvis
+1 herosiv Laugh Laugh
S 17
S 32 V 24. Please subscribe mine!
v+ s
S46 + v37 ¡Back! Please =D
S48 V38
S41. + V41
Aeee ramdeni xart tqve genacvalet bijooo LaughLaughLaugh
I was late to comment on the article S1 V2 Laugh
s-- v
thx all for helping me o7
Sub 77 vote 48 Glad I could help
Only 200 players? wtf. Another death game Sad
xD for 1 day 87 subscribe this game its still alive😛
S88+v. o7
Lol first time these type article worked.
@herosiv thats i say bro Laugh i already get mogul medal also thx all for help me and subscribe my newspaper. i will subb all newspapers which i see
v , s , e
S103 v72 👍🏻
საღოლ კოდეელ მაგრად მოხოდე ხალხი. შენ რო არა ვერ გავიგებდით რამდენი ვართ სულ LaughLaughLaugh
sub 105 vote 76 good luck!