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Hello everyone,
It was one month ago when i write my last article. I was thinking that will be last thing that I will write in my newspaper,but unfornately some things happen and they get back me again in this game. First of all let s see this quote

For me honour is everything,and for many others. You all love your eCountries,and fight hard for them.I was fighting for Croatia for 6 months,many nights i didn t sleep,i even didn t work my RL job sometimes because of some important battle.I give all my time for some virtual game. When i come in Croatia, there was no regions,because they was wipped. With big help we start winning battles,of course thanks to our ally brothers. We was fighting hard,and on end we destroy our enemy. When i left game and Croatia, one man become new CP of Croatia. That man is current CP of Croatia.  He deciede to accept citizenship to a player that  bring a big hard time to Croatia,to a man who was our enemy no.1.  When i ask him: Why you do that?   His answer was well he pay me for that,and he say he will fight for us.  First of all, he pay him 10 golds. So the honour of asseco worth only 10 golds. If any enemy don t have country with bonus just inform this player without honour,give him 10 golds and you can have your CS.
Title of my article was the price of honour,and in my text bellow we can concluede that  price is 10 golds (for some people).

My advice to you is
No matter if this is just a game,you still  need to have honour,and if some of your enemies give you money, stay a man and say NO. There is no price that can buy honour.
That s all from me,and on the end one more quote:



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10 gold and you can get cs in country with 100% wep bonus. I apply today.
If someone need golds,i can pay for him. Let s feed hungry man without honour Laugh
i didnt pay any gold to get cs in Serbia if you are a moron and hold grudges in a game like this then its your problem
You don t know whole sitatuon,nobody ask you anything so shut the f** up
Yoda: Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.
a tebe jebe što nemaš HR državljanstvo
Kada Hrvatsku vodi takav debil kao što si ti,sretan sam što nemam HR CS. Doviđenja!
Pa sta onda places Smile
izdajice prepoznajte se
I pay Cro citizenship 10 gold and enjoy life in Croatia.Thank you
Honour is everything in this game.. Just don t choose noobs as cp Laugh
Kvii +1 hahahahahahahahah
Sta je s onim weparama sto su ti napravljene sa drzavnim goldima? Daj mi to pojasni? You suck at english! Laugh
Meni nisu napravljene,niti su izgrađene za vrijeme moje vladavine 😀 Engleski ti ocigledno nije jača strana
Ja reko da su neki Bugari u pitanju čim se spominje gubitak časti i dobro makar ima Bugaraša hahaha.