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Since the tax reduction in Colombia was approved on the e-Day 641st, many doubts were seen inside Colombia about the collection capacity that would result from this decision, we can say that maybe overseas you would have the same question.


These days, 3 people have been accepted as citizens and one has been registered in our country, nearly one new citizen per day; our daily tax collection has nearly doubled from 73 to 150 COP, showing the growing confidence in the Colombian economy; the market has been fluent with more products and we have ones of the cheapest in the world, as a reference we would say that Q3 food which provides 6 energy per unit has a cost of 0.00604 gold each; in Serbia, it costs 0.00617;in Peru, 0.00762; in Mexico, 0.0125; our foreign relationships have grown from 0 official allies to 2, having the opportunity to use all your firepower to obtain medals and advance in the game ranking.

These are just a few but good reasons to travel and know Colombia by yourself, invest, buy and sell, make yourself great, and make Colombia great.



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