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Hello to everybody!

I will express myself in very bad English, but to be honest ( Bulgarians cant be honest, heheh you know what I mean) i dont care!

But I do care about this new changes. First at all i didn t like it at all. But it seems to be fun. So i will give this one a chance. But there is a food issue. Huge demand on market, high level of usage....but no proper solution for this. For example now I log in only twice per day...Why? I dont want to waste money on food and for useless fighting. Problem #1 is downfall of activity. Also, most of us collect prizes from Pirate, now prizes from Pirate are pathetic and nobody collect it anymore. So please solve Pirate rewards, or cancel it. There is no sense that you got 10 RPG and to recover 2500 energy. So add new prizes to Pirate so that clicking make sense. You want more activity in game?

Dont settle with small rewards Govedo!

And also there is #3 problem, its gems rewards. Admin didn t do nothing, so leave it as it is, its not smart move. You will need to adopt it to new game play.

Im you gem Govedo!

And yes there is #4 problem. Its weekly challenged with battle hits. I have question for admin. Are you doing some bad drugs? What did you do with this? Its crazy. You will need to reevaluate rewards and battle hit progress.

I will gain few pounds for you Govedo!

So detected some problems. As you see, you will have a lot of work to do! If you need more smart ideas, feel free to ask me!

I have some pink gem for you Govedo!
Play and create smart.

Erevolution creation genius 


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Daj nam ovog mesa Govedo a ADMIN neka da leba!!!
Daj nam ovog mesa Govedo a ADMIN neka da leba!!!
Daj nam mesa, jebes leba
selling 150 k energy Cheeky
#2 is my favorite, dont look at her, im jealous!
Кад је криза може се јести месо без хљеба.
Huge support for this article
Daj nam ovog mesa Govedo a ADMIN neka da leba!!!
I am not sure what you mean in problem #3, but otherwise I agree.