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Greetings erev2 community
e-friends and e-enemies

After a long time i was not active here and joining once every week (almost)
i decided to leave this game. 

Take care of your rl and maybe we will meet again in another e-galaxy ! 
Thanks a lot for your help all those days 
Have fun ! 

El Tarlo


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Comments (15)

Take Care Bro
Take Care Bro and GL o7
Soon mate soon
o7 o7 o7
Gl in RL o7
GL o7
Will see you next server, maybe will team up again?
Seguro va a ser como el otro guey que lleva dos meses despidiéndose y cada semana sale en el de los que compran estrellitas
Good luck in RL ... o7
One of the best players I know in any game, this is a big loss for eRev2