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That s was a great half of the year.
We begin 2020 under the USA occupation. Soon with the USA s weakening we liberated and find more friends and soldiers. Even we made a friend relationship with the USA later. Nothing is impossible.
We survived after two attacks of Mexico. And the second war lasts for a month, this is quite an impressive result. We managed to survive and return to the state-before-war.
We had one week to make a coffee break and helping allies. We win a couple of battles with Ukraine and face a new challenger - SA. We started with empty storage and make two epic battles. But unfortunately, we lost. Erevollution-2 now is the game where you don t play, you survive. And we survived for a long time.

Thank you Fenabg, Velev. You teach me how to play as commander, I am proud of my teachers.
Thank you Kosingas, Mihaylov, Hailipi to stand with me a shoulder to shoulder on the battlefield.
Thank you AmIBadClass and Caligula to play for years only by my request.
Thank you, Frank, Hrvat and Pablo for joining us for a most epic month.

Thank you, Japan for trust and cooperation. I gave you all that I have and you returned me even bigger. I hope that is not the end.

P.S.  Bulgaria Serbia Croatia Georgia Russia Ukraine = eJapan. Most nationalist country on the server.
P.S.S. We still have unfinished work. While we fight against SA we won another few battles for allies, we need to help them. But since we have not regions and MPP, for now, I could recommend changing citizenship to Ukraine or Georgia for a time.

Stay strong samurai!

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Hail Japan o7
Good images, now all that remains is to put in all the battles Japan lost against Mexico
In Japan, I found the game I was looking for. Thank you guys for everything! I am honored to be part of Japan.
From the day of the game I saw how Japan fought for fre and dignity, they did not deserve to be erased, you are an example to everyone that even in a lost war people have to fight it is dignity and courage Hail japan o7
hail Japan you make this game still alive
Its an honor for me to be part of Japan! o7
No matter the front ... no matter the regions ... the enemy is the same, if twice he was defeated, there is always a third ... 🇯🇵🤝🇨🇴 Hail Japan! o7
Hail Japan o/ #StayFighting #Beaware #Forhonor We are not afraid! Thanks for give us one more reason for fight!
Hail Japan! o7
Hail Japan! o7
Friends contact me, I know how to settle this matter against those multi-accounts!