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Good afternoon eRevollutionaries.

I am addressing you today as eMacedonia’s President, and I address you in the name of all Macedonian players regarding the recent account robbery that we – as a whole country – have been blamed for.

A player (unknown to us) had successfully figured out a way into an account (, had managed to steal it, consequently applying for Macedonian citizenship; effectively damaging our community, directly or indirectly.

According to my knowledge and information, many Macedonian players are currently residing in eSaudi Arabia. Not knowing that it’s a stolen account and thinking it’s just another fellow Macedonian wishing to return to eMacedonia, I accepted the application for citizenship to our country.

Shortly afterwards, I received messages from the aforementioned stolen account and the President of eSaudi Arabia – that we are to blame for stealing their accounts. Immediately, I got onto Discord in attempt to find out the truth. When we concluded that it was, in fact, no one between us, we began searching for the perpetrator ourselves, since the stolen account had kept firing both against us, as well as for us.

So, we raise the question: “Does someone wish to push eMacedonia, with his intricate games, into yet more serious problems, or is it truly the work of a thief?” Why is it that it was eMacedonia chosen for citizen application? The admins have got to solve this. 

We ask the admins to find out the perpetrator and return the account to its rightful owner, but we also ask for a formal apology from eSaudi Arabia, for we have been unjustly accused, blamed, and attacked for the past 2 days.

-Scorpion - eMacedonian CP-



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I am not gonna lie. You had me in the first half but when I read The admins have got to solve this I realize that this is joke article.
Macedonia have much acc multi 😁
Fylol cheaters lol its obvious this acc was stolen from one of your guys and now you are trying to swift the blame to unknown ppl. Every time motorina acc shooted against fulol was himself using the acc as i speaked to him. When the acc shoot for furom it was the hacker
Bothering with a country that their official name is just a direction from their neighbours. They have nothing original so they just borrow stuff. What was your name again ? West Bulgaria or maybe east albania? Ah yeah North Macedonia cause rest of Macedonia belongs to Greece l
@drethgar go fuck your self. Next fucked acc maybe is your acc.
I cant understand why this gay from gaylada must always disturb with fake stuff and put the RL thing here in the game!?! If you are so sure that Macedonia belongs to you,why you always must to proove to the whole world that this country is yours,and why your name like a nation is greek and not MACEDONIANS???
Не паѓајте на грчето ... он е платен да провоцира ... Има само една вистина - ИМА ЕДНА МАКЕДОНИЈА
🐵 + 🍌= 🙈
What you did: started fighting for truth. What you should‘ve done: Tell the original blamer to go fuck himself, delete his message and forget in three minutes.
Delete Fyrom