The Seven Seas

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This is my second giveaway so I will boost up my rewards and influence the previous winners.

All you need to do is Vote + Subscribe my article. If you already subscribed you will still be able to receive the reward. Mission 10 is to subscribe to 20 Newspaper you have a chance to do that and earn some extra gold here. I know many of you are in need of gold so I choose to do a gold give away. Our goal is to reach 500+ Subscribers. Winners from the previous gold give away were EddieA, Tricky D, Pavel Kalinkin


1 - 30 Gold

2 - 20 Gold

3 - 15 Gold + 2k Energy
I am lending out 3 Q3 House to complete the Mission 7 For only 1 Gold you get double working for 21 days + 150 Energy and fast regeneration for the health. After you receive the 3 Q3 House just return my house pack. Feel free to send me a text in Discord or PM if you're interested.

Leave a comment with your Vote + Subscribe number at the bottom




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v1/already subbed
v3 old sub
v4 sub 257
V5 old sub
v6 old sub
v7 old sub
v8 old sub
v9 old sub
v10 already subbed
S259 v11
Old sub vote 13
s260 v12 s4s if I win you can jeep your gold, just sub back
v14 already subbed
V15 old sub
old sub v15
old sub v17
old sub v18
v19 already subbed
V20 old sub
V21 old sub
V22, old sub
v25 old sub
v26 old sub
V28 old sub
V29 - already subbed
V30 - old sub
Ace, i have already done both years now... you better send a glock 19 as well xD
s266 v32
v33 - old sub
Or, if you are in Canada, please PM me and I will arrange a house pack for you for free.
S271 v34
v36 old sub Smile
V37 old sub
V38 old sub
V40 old sub
vote 41/sub 275
V42 old sub
s277 v43
Vote 44, already subbed
v46 already sub
S280 V45
unsuscribe, i received nothing last time o7
v47 old sub
v48 old sub
old sub v 50
51 , old sub
V52 old sub
S289 v53
V54 sub 290
V55 S292
Ace, was a joke! Smile
s249 v56
V57 S298
v58 already sub
v+ sub 296
v60, already subbed
298 63
S299 v65
S300!! Where is my prize ?
Old sub vote66
V67 old sub
v68 old Sub
v70 s311
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317 / 74
S318 v75
S319 v76
already subbed, v77
s322 v78 o7
s323 v79 o7
S324 v80
s326 v82
Also please s4s, thanks Smile
s328, v83
s329 v84
v85 s330
v85 already sub
v86 s331
88/already subb
s339 v90
V91 s344
Already subbed, v92
s345 v93
s346 v95
s351 v98
s352 v99
Old sub v100
S355 v101
v 102...already subbed
V103 S359
s371 v105
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V107 s374
V109 s376
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380 111
381 112
S382 v113
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V 115 sub 385
Sub 386. V 116
Sub 387 V117
s389 v118 s4s
vot 119 old sub
V122 old sub
Vote 123, Sub 391 !
S394 V124
sub397 vote 125
v126 s401
v128 s403
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s417 v133
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S:419 V:135
S 421 V 136
v 137. s 422
V 138 old subb
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V144 old sub
s439 v146
s441, v147
Also please s4s, thanks Smile
v148 s445
S450 V151
Sub 504 vote 161
162 old sub
V 163