Saladin and his Cairo

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Asseco is biggest cryboy on server.Vote if you agree



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Poutsos (427 BC – 347 BC) was an ancient Greek florist from Athens, who became famous and went down in history for his beauty, charm and noble character. Although he was poor, he was the most sought after groom in ancient Athens and all fathers intended their most beautiful daughters for Poutsos. Hence the phrase: This girl is for Poutsos. As Poutsos grew older, women adored him even more. When he walked down the street, there were unrestrained women who kissed him everywhere, licked him, smelled him, caressed him and spat on him. All this was for Poutso. It was really impossible to get Pucco out of a woman s mind. And from 347 BC, when he died, the phrase Ton Poutso Klaigane !! has been circulating.
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