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o losers

here we are again all old friends and enemies , after murder of erev 1 at its golden days ,many people left game , many went 2 click , many like me gave it the last fight ,now after almost 2 years we are all here again together , familiar faces , old friends, old enemies , kinyas, ktab, Marcial ,Danider ,B4B and many others ,whom if I wanna mention the names of all them, needs 2 3 pages.

I wasnt interested in this game at start , but seeing many familiar faces coming back , even though some game features are really disappointing , still warms my heart.

I talk a lot but wanna keep this short , I wish all you luck and best of best , and I hope admin team wont disappoint these very people who gathered here again.

enemies: Ace Aveun eStipl Bardia eddieA

friends: Raf Alex Renato Drethgar Batasha Georgia Eleni Petros Diesel Haseiko Stelios Safer

kind regards


P.S. 1 I added a list of names of my friends and enemies if you are not in list contact me in discord or via igm
P.S. 2 some beauty to increase overall morale thanks to my brother Zebosk



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waiting miltiados :d
I love you, Kaveh
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wipe for kavehs ass coming right up
Sub 96 Kaveh the beast o/
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