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golden pack comes as a prize when you complete all missions

https://i.imgur.com/05oRdQQ.png..you need to activate https://i.imgur.com/u8XLeji.png.go to improved buildings
https://i.imgur.com/U6qtWLn.pngclick on the gearhttps://i.imgur.com/60DU2n8.pngthen, active.https://i.imgur.com/Ie5pXcb.pngso, voilá, open a new grid with  daily prizes, enjoy!!!!


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Nice o7
Very useful, thx
muy bien o7
It is worth mentioning that energy recovery is reduced for 60s (same effect as all of 5 houses activated) - this is written in store page. And also with gold pack active you re receiving 20% of damage as rank points instead of regular 10%.
is, bro, nice point. thank you for your help.