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Published in Croatia - Social interactions and entertainment - 19 Oct 2018 13:38 - 11

This is the list of encountered freelunchers who have recently been subbed by me and who - although going through a 4-step distress process during a 4-day period - do not bother to sub back or at least answer me.
As always, proof is available when needed.

Busy? Lazy? Dishonest? Careless? Exhausted? Crookish? Disrespectful? Just plain stupid? Who cares! Here is the blacklist for you to decide whether these guys deserve a sub from you. You be the judge.

I also appreciate each and every sub and - when receiving your sub number - I am going to sub you back as soon as I can.

01. lNyCream

02. Otari010

03. Ragnnar

04. Username

05. CarlosSlim23

06. Inarius Kuman

07. sarija

08. Mr QR

09. Dragan72

10. iBirello


Comments (11)

otar she gadamgdebo Laugh
otarrrrrr D Laugh :
None of you asked for permission from SUB the black slate is also for you because you are a spamming
@Dragan72 you are obviously lying. You asked for sub 4 sub, actually, you are still doing it in your newspaper. Moreover, it is not spam when I alert someone to correct his mistake of not subbing back. In fact, giving more than one chance is generosity on my side. You could have lain low, yet you decided to pour further shame on your own head. Shaking my head...
if the messages lasted much longer I would show you how many more there are
@Valiantina1984 take a screenshot, make a list!
@Bikkin he s totally right you re a spammer you don t need a massage from people to know they subbed you s4s is a matter of trust and responsibility, i had you subbed and you kept spamming threatening that you d unsub me so i just unsubbed and done you need to change this behavior of begging for subs if you want results Laugh