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Hello everyone,
This whole year i was in Croatia goverment as CP or as Minister of Defense. I wanna thank you all for help,because without your support it will be impossimble to lead a country. First of all i wanna say thank you to Max because he was always there to help me,than special thank to Pasta who was also always big support to me. Special thank to our dear Legica who was always there to hit. They was also part of my goverment for whole this year so i wanna thank them to their help. Second,i wanna say thank you for our dear ally countries,or better to say or brothers,sisters and Huso. Thank you Saudi Arabia,Serbia for staying with us.Reason why i say brothers and sisters is that because relation that we have is not just friend relation,it become family relation,and i am proud because Croatia is part of that family.  I wanna also say thank you to people who come to Croatia and help us like herosiv,nesta,Arkan,Makedonec,T28K,Vingador,Valuk,Safer and many others.And also thank you to my friends in other countries like black owls,extremo,itso and many others.
I wish you all happy new year and a lot of success in 2021.
Also i wanna say that i will not be CP in January 2021. New CP of Croatia will be Max,and i wish him success in leading Croatia. Ofc i will stay in goverment on position  Minister of Defense,because i will never leave Croatia.
That will be all for this year guys and girls. Also here is some boobs for my friend radovlje :D



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Govedo are orginal You are just bad copy 🤣😂🤣😂
Ofc.Govedo je uvijek namba van Laugh
Ko te jebe
The best Cp o7
Thank you too bro, happy new year and happy holidays! See you in 2021! o7 Wink Smile
Kad ćeš vratit 4 wep firme?
Many thanks for pikčrs , jedino što valja u članku Cheeky
nothing for me - no vote, unsub, delete from friends, block in discord!
Happy new year mate, wish you luck in 2021 Wink
Sad kad više nisi predsjednik moga bi malo bit admin
Nothing about me Sad. You invited me to Croatia and were buying my votes for laws and elections for 8 months and you forget about me. FeelSadMan.
Edited Sorry bro Sad
Zanimljivo Smile