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Hello bois,

I wanted to sumarize last few months under my command in Saudia since I lack some time to spend here actively.


So what we do ,we succesfully secured full bonuses on wep and food.


First time in history of this server Saudia signed mpp with Bulgaria. I thought it would never happened hovewer my politics were to be open to anyone.
Things that happened which can be big evidence that friendship does not find national borders I will not reveal on publicly , hovewer I am glad that we prove that anything is possible.


Together with Serbia we attacked Peru in desperate attempt to make game even a little more alive.  There were few interesting battles, hovewer dont be misjugdged, it was never personal , I even have a lots of friends there and they can count on my help if needed.
It was never our plan do delete Peru , or to keep it deleted and so on first sign of exhaustion in game , we signed NAP and we will give them almost all teritories back. Game was alive a little bit.

Tax refund project

On this article Link of article you can find details of project that I started and with this article I am finnishing it. I am proud to say that we give out more than 20 k cc of taxes back , that I am glad that enabled another players to produce in cheapest way possible ,hovewer I am stoping it for 2 reasons:
1 reason: I am really lacking time bcos of my job and friends in rl.
2 reason: All the times I had hopes of admin doing something for making game interesting but I see no will from him to do that ,so I am stoping my efforts here. I dont wanna spend time on game while owner of game consider us idiots for even playing it . Its my personal opinion.

All the taxes concluding with this week I ll pay off ofcourse.

Is it end???

Well its for sure end of my active playing, hovewer since I stocked some really nice amount in my inventory I will keep this game on playing in 2click and to ensure protection in Saudia at desperate times, but as I see there is no reason for them to come.

Thank you all players for giving me oportunity to know you and special thanks goes to : Haris,salah,lokos,Bosnia_soldier, Senaid, ragnarok, coassss,otis,modesty_blaise,cobra,d28,jack_stanko,pasta,asmin,battlehero,zagor,itso,kirito,velev... i wish big regards to all balkan power people, to all active people on other side of world , at peru ,chile , argentina , mexiko ... , big regards to japanese samurai....  and for any players on this globe that is playing here, I wanna say  :We all are one hell of a community and try to have fun here but dont overdo it, real fun waits for us outside

Thank you guys and best regards from old radovlje,

see ya around,


Bosnia soldierSenaid1994Senaid1994God RaGod RaGod RaJacQ stankORagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokRagnarokD 28D 28D 28Adminst elmo fireiCobra97GreatPREDATORRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljenEsTanEsTanEsTaRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeRadovljeGLADIJAJATORGLADIJAJATORGLADIJAJATORGLADIJAJATORGLADIJAJATORGLADIJAJATORGLADIJAJATORGLADIJAJATORGLADIJAJATORGLADIJAJATOR

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da malo jos farmamo Laugh Cheeky
Good luck!! O7
sretno buraz😥
Oh no bro Sad
Auuuuuu, strasno...
Vidimo se opet u nekom ratu, da zajedno kujemo planove. o7
Thank you, radovlje. You are a valuable man! o7
Best regards mateSmile
All the best in rl! Good luck! 🤞
SA and its citizens prospered when you were CP. Good luck in RL