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Maximizing your gold income from event
So we all want to get to Q3 TG in 20 days wich costs 70g.Many of us allready decided that we wont have it, since its too expensive and
we rather spend our RL money on WoW subscriptions and illegal substances. But
then our lovely admins gave us an event, that looks like it came straight from
heaven. With this event you can come realy close to 70g or even reach it in 10
First thing you want to do is to finish the mission for 3houses. You can buy 3 Q1 houses for less than 10g or just rent them and return
them after you get 3 Q3 houses. With this you get extra reffill of energy and
extra 150 energy. I allready did this mission so i cant post screen shoots.

After this after this, you need to skip the mission for 5 Q3rockets for 10g. From these rockets you get 3 million DMG. With this DMG you
can allready get 70g if you use them smart and get BHs, hit for all medals…

WIth these 3 millions of DMG you will also be close toreaching 5 million goal for the mission where you get 100 Q5 weps and Q5
rocket. Other 2 millions can be done using Q1 rockets you can make in your Q1
rocket company or shooting well without weps.

From mission that reward workers you can get 30 workers forfree wich can be used to produce Q1 weps to build your own rockets. You will
also be able to finish mission for 1000 hits done just by using Q3 houses and
2x energy during weekends.

This is it for ez gold from mission. Please subscribe to me so i can afford easy women and questionable liquid.


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Nice Idea