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Hello everyone, and welcome to the new eWorld, I decided to start off with an interesting article.. I wanted to do something different and interview a top player. Hope everyone reading enjoys. Don't forget to vote and subscribe for more interviews :)

1. First of all thanks for agreeing to do an interview Centomax, would you like to tell everyone a little bit about yourself?

Thanks for having me. I am Centomax, I am a new players to the eRevollution games. I also play eRepublik with the same username. Outside of the game, I am in the United States military as an Information Technology Specialist.

2. How did you come across these types of games?

I was actually invited to play on this server by EddieA, who is currently a citizen of eCanada. I usually just search up these types of games on google and see if any that pop up interest me.

3. Why do you think the admins decided to make an erevollution 2nd server? I mean its the same game.

I do not know the the 1st eRevollution was like, but I am guessing its because a lot of players are on the 1st server and they wanted to try and clean the slate and give everyone a new chance of being a top player.

4. Do you have any goals here on erev2 or pretty much do the same things like on other games?

My goals on eRev2 are to be better than what I am in all the other games of this caliber I play. 

5. Thoughts on VISA players v players that don t spend? Can players that don t spend achieve great things?

It doesn't matter if you spend or don t spend. The only perks of spending in a game like this is a moment of premium firepower or energy and then once you use it, its gone. You have to pay for more. Players who do not spend anything can achieve greatness without spending a dime, they just earn it instead of paying for it.

6. Any plans for eUSA over on server 2? 

The server is brand new, I will deal with whatever is thrown my way as much as I possibly can. Lets conquer the world together!

Cheers Centomax!



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