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From the national government
To the world.

After a few days of discussion, the Holy Peruvian Empire, in hand with the treaty obligations, dispose a new tax referential exchange rate for allies who decide to use our bonus in our land. This exchange rate will be 0.012 and the amount of cc that a person can buy is written in the following monthly formula:

TOTAL CC = 90*(number of enterprises) + 1200
For now, we are only considering people from US, Bulgaria and Macedonia who are eligible to the program. We are NOT giving this benefit to people from mention countries who fought against Peru in RWs. Contact with Nocte.

Thank you for your time
COSC of Peru
Central Office of the Shadow Council


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Aprobado por la Máxima Autoridad Peruana; Sir Lord Emperador Kirito I
Aprobado por el SC
aprobado por tu papacito tu lord tu emperador mi mascota es kirito jajaja por tu emperador SIRVAMPIRO el unico no mas na xD
Team Eris best goddess
Wey escribe en español. No entendí ni madres.
Yo quiero 10 k de CC
No piki inglisch man
Yo quiero 50 K de cc
Yo quiero sus lágrimas en un frasco, ya va la mitad sigan así