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To whom this article may concern,

I just made some spreadsheet regarding revenue of food companies. To be fair, I reckon most of y all are oldschool players who doesn t need a spreadsheet from a newbie like me.

But, I thought that,
Hey, this might be a good way to get subs and I actually enjoy making spreadsheet anyway so LET S GO.


This revenue is calculated using the usual rate of energy/gold that I often see on the global chat.
Which is 1000 energy/gold.

REVENUE at 0% Bonus per 1 company

REVENUE at 20% Bonus per 1 company

REVENUE at 40% Bonus per 1 company

REVENUE at 60% Bonus per 1 company

REVENUE at 80% Bonus per 1 company

REVENUE at 100% Bonus per 1 company
Bonus means your country bonus of course.
Those revenue figures are in gold.

Bear in mind, those figures are REVENUE and not PROFIT.
I would do another calculation with profit but I reckon this article can be pretty decent help for anyone who wants to create food company.

I will also try to calculate for weapon company but that s a story for another time.

Best Regards,


ps. using the innate table when writing newspaper is REALLY bad. DO NOT USE IT.



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Layak subs o7
Subs, and vote om, tapi jangan pake imgur besok2 om wkwkw