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Published in Georgia - Social interactions and entertainment - 31 Oct 2021 15:47 - 17

My time in this game came to its end! 

Enjoyed playing with you guys but everything has its end. 

Thank you guys who supported me. Special thanks to my opponents (Asmin, BattelHero, Salah ad  din Yusuf and etc.) cause they kept me in the game. 

Wish you all the best. 

And please do me a favor DONT INSULT each other. Hate when you guys insult each other. You may joke and make a fun but please dont cross the line between joke and insult. 

All the best guys!!!

Truly yours, 




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o7 Wish you all the best in RL bro
Wish you all the best in RL bro o7
Good fights, wish you best in RL o7
You know your work is not done here mate... As any active country needs its active men, Georgia still needs you! So I will not say goodbye.. just cya`later o/
Good luck!
good luck !
Gl in RL o7
GL o7
GL mate! o7
All the best in the RL!
Yeah, will see you later in another clone.
O7 bro !!!
Good luck!