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I will be starting a new analysis today. Market analysis. please Vote and Subscribe if you find the article helpful. The Images were not made by me courtesy of DaltonicD. You're encouraged to point out any discrepancies in my article at the comments below. You're also welcomed to post buy/sell offers below on the market. My last Military Analysis article I mentioned I will be releasing an Alliance Analysis its currently in the final stage. Diesel and I are making last-minute adjustments.  I am opening my newspaper up to advertisements if you would like to publish an Ad in my newspaper please contact me at InGame PM or Discord. 2 Advertisement space available per article.

Energy has dropped to a new low of 700 to 1g. Its been a few days since Admins have stopped handing out food and its become a rare commodity due to 2x energy. I have seen a few offers of 1,000 Energy per 1g hopefully it will bounce back to that price later in the week.

500 - 900 = 1g
1,000 energy = 2g

Q1, Q2, and Q5 Weapons are most commonly sold in the market. 

Q1 Weapons =  0.040g/per|4g / 100 Q1 Wep
Q2 Weapons = 0.040-0.045g/per|4-4.5g / 100 Q2 Wep 
Q3 Weapons = 0.050-0.055g/per|5-5.5g / 100 Q3 Wep 
Q4 Weapons = 0.055-0.060g/per|5.5-6g / 100 Q4 Wep
Q5 Weapons =  0.07 - 0.075 g/per|7 - 7.5 g/ Q5 100 Wep

The Mission has made Q3 Houses the most sought after but Q1 is still the most affordable and still lar with players currently,

Q1 = 5 - 5.5g
Q2 =  6 - 6.5g
Q3 =  7g/ Per|3 Q3 house pack 15-17g
House Q4 = ? 
Q5 = 10g

Best Bonuses 

Top 3 countries best to work in right now. I will be updating this ranking actively for the next 24 hours. 

1. France
Food : 80 % | Weapon : 60 % | House : 80 %
2. Argentina
Food : 80 % | Weapon : 40 % | House : 80 %
3. Greece
Food : 60 % | Weapon : 80 % | House : 60 %

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Thanks to Romanian CP Battlehero which don't use SERVER BUGS and let gained initiative because of playing fair. He will wait until he lose initiative, and allow us to attack.

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Nice work o7
You ve seen, but I sold 1k for 2 gold. 1g for 1000 energy is normal even weekdays. Beside that - awesome work. Please keep these analysis coming Wink
Nice o7
Nice but those dont seem very accurate
@Mendigo ? Laugh
I think 600e = 1 gold Voted anyway
600e =1g ? omg you guys are ducking crazy 1000e = 1g you damned selfish capitalist xD
Really good article, as always !
gj v47
good work, kudos to battlehero
1000k energy,/ 2g Q1 weps are most like 100q1/4g
Raw prices will be available next article
come work in France Wink
Nice Smile
Good job! Wink
Article updated
And UK have 80% food and 80% house o7