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Hello guys new video for this week.

I got inspiration from this quote today,

people do leave this game and its sad . Some of great people that I knew. 

I ll honor them with this video.

I dont want talk if someone use their accaunts or something . I remmember those players as their personalities and how great they were with all their flaws and  good things. Hope someone will remmember me some day as good person.


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I got a mention so you got a vote 🗳
Bravo for article we miss good staf like this in this game. And bravo for N°1 BOIKOV. One of best players in all games like this.
Bravo, its true N°1 is Boikov. I really miss some of this guys and that time of erev2.
Bravo, we need more stuff like this! Smile
pih bugari multi xD have harisharko have vote +enedres Laugh Wher is strategy player Laugh
its good to remember some fallen guys =(
I miss Celio Wink
Te vas a ir al infierno Sin Salabim Ver mujeres semi desnudas hace enojar a Ala
Nema mene nema vota 😂😂