France Solidaire

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Day 13: 1500 energy for 1 gold
Day 14: 1k energy for 1 gold
Day 15: 800 energy for 1 gold
Day 16 Morning: 1k energy for 2 gold
Day 16 Night: 300 energy for 1 gold

People allover the world start to:

And Food Producers are:

Meanwhile Allmost of the governements are:



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gobs can t do a shit, no one have enougth gold to make a nacional food factory and sustain the poblation.
New missions and double energy increased demand thats normal
easy boys Laugh it s just a troll/fun article Wink
D17 800 energy = 1 gold D18 1500 energy = 1 gold
hahaha c est tellement ca Wink