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Now.. seems like everything is so fragile,
is scary how all could crumble in any minute..
we live in borrowed time.

too many countries controlled by clones...
almost all the war depends in two players, Coasss and Boby Lee...
an admin that is excited by events and of course by the income (someone can blame him?)
romania holds on a thread...
Serbia is losing the bonuses, it was the only country with 3x100 bonus, but is falling apart.
So many changes.
The admin bans there and there like ducks at the fair.

i remember so clear...
two months ago Stevang promise to delete mexico,
also he clarified something about some phases, the last update was phase 3 is over, next mexico..
in mexico we are still waiting, i dont know maybe we already past the event and we didnt notice it,
after that Govedo told us he going to come to rule again,
like he misses us too much,
but still we are waiting,
and nothing yet.. maybe there arent more flights to mexico. weird things happens...

What will happen when the nap between Coasss and Boby finishes?,
what will happen with all the territory that serbia holds?
will be a nap in the near future?
Romania going to disappear?
Mexico will get 100 bonus in weapons? (that is a low blow to serbia)

We going to find out soon... lets keep enjoying the game as we do now!

Version en español.

Ahora... parece que todo es tan frágil,
da miedo cómo todo podría desmoronarse en cualquier minuto.
vivimos en tiempo prestado.

demasiados países controlados por clones...
casi toda la guerra depende de dos jugadores, Coasss y Boby Lee...
un administrador que está entusiasmado con los eventos y, por supuesto, con los ingresos (¿alguien puede culparlo?)
Rumania se aferra a un pequeñito hilo...
Serbia está perdiendo las bonificaciones, un país con una bonificación de 3x100,
pero se está desmoronando.
Tantos cambios.
El administrador banea allí y allí como patos en la feria.

lo recuerdo tan claro...
hace dos meses Stevang prometio eliminar a mexico,
tambien aclaro algo sobre algunas fases, la ultima actualizacion fue la fase 3 termino, mexico es el proximo..
en mexico seguimos esperando, no se tal vez ya pasamos el evento y no nos dimos cuenta,
después  Govedo nos dijo que iba a volver para gobernar,
como si nos extrañara demasiado,
pero aún estamos esperando,
y nada todavia.. quiza no haya mas vuelos a mexico. pasan cosas raras...

¿Qué pasará cuando termine el NAP entre Coasss y Boby?,
¿que pasara con todo el territorio que tiene serbia?
¿habra un NAP en un futuro próximo?
¿Rumanía va a desaparecer?
¿México obtendrá 100 de bono en armas? (eso es un golpe bajo para serbia)

Pronto lo descubriremos... ¡Sigamos disfrutando del juego como lo hacemos ahora!


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Hm, it will happen what must happen but one thing is for shure, you will stay this way and without bonuses . And i never said third phase is over. Like with all good things in life, we (Serbia) are worht waiting for Smile
All in all I would prefer Serbia to DELETE Mexico instead of helping Romania, but Serbia does not listen and continues putting up damage to help us and lets you still live..... So Primer you can STFU.
And even if Romania gets deleted.. so what, no big deal Laugh Laugh Laugh We will, every last one of us move to SERBIA... and from there we will DELETE Mexico.. and that is a promise.. cause that is what happens to traitors..!
El administrador tiene la piel muy delgada y es parcial en sus desiciones, Entusiasmado por sus trampas debe de estar (Me agrada obligarlo juntos sus patiños gruñidores a utilizar Google translator) Chilletas
hahaha u r so funny, while you are getting angry, wrinkling, frowning and crying about everything, we enjoy that you are not even close to erasing us, not even close, so as stevang says phase 3 is eternal haha, maybe they will erase us when we all leave the game. Or will they wait for erev3? erev5? haha, how innocent are you and asmin move already, ask cs in serbia, well will be an obvious thing when u have no country to stand for... MUAHAHAHA
quieb va a borrar a quien???
Mexico is a joke of a country Laugh stop dreaming...
Without the desperation of Boby you would be ZERO Laugh
4 Mexico 1,685,814,688,928 1,869,029 5 Romania 1,401,431,622,282 1,819,968
You can thank Boby for that, becouse without him you wouldnt exist on map. What type of country you are when you cant even save your own rw battles and you run for others to shoot in them and save them. And you dare tell something to us, just dont
U r right, in public i say “thanks boby u r a real ally” Nice reminder stevang! We see the cold difference between an ally and a joke pokerface!
Todos llorando por el cambio de eMex y ellos vendiendo a los aliados por la espalda, y bueno que podemos decirle a un país que casi esta borrado aun cuando su mejor aliado se desgasta por ellos, jajajaj Romania
There are many ways to look at it, whether the glass is half full or half empty. While you are happy that Serbia has not deleted Mexico as per the promise of StevanG, is Mexico content by just surviving against Serbia? Is the main objective of Mexico to not get deleted by Serbia? Maybe StevanG failed in his promise but the Mexico I remember had 100% bonus a long time ago and had it not been for this war with Serbia, Mexico would still have a decent bonus. Mexico needs to be more ambitious and not simply satisfied that it has resisted the attempts of StevanG and Serbia to delete it. I know there is a lot of damage involved in Mexican-Serbian battles but Serbia seems to be less affected by this war compared to Mexico. This is my personal opinion from a neutral point of view and I do not intend to offend Mexicans or Serbians or Primer Oficial or StevanG. Peace!
I hope Mexico and Serbia reunite as allies in the future!
Good point of view, but besides as u said r happy with the current situation is because we know after resuffle couldnt get more than 80% because we dont have the damage to compite or win against serbia alone, they r stronger, we mexico know that, serbian easily could delete mexico alone, thats why we are happy, we havent been delete after 2 months, and right now we have 90% bonus in weapons, serbia 80% so we still are winning by any sight that u want see it
Damn, how this kid is twisting reality, so it can benefit him, is so fu***** unbelievable. What are you wining? From 30+ regions your fall on 17 regions. And please tell me how many regions do we have. You send DoW with Peru on us and what did you do, one big nothing. Bonuses? Becouse of resuffle, we needed to conquer many countries to have bonuses and to keep conection and today becouse of us reseting demage reduction in our colonies you have biger bonuses for today, and you think you are wining and you are even braging on world chat. Who are you lieing, yourself or your people? Tell thoose lies to other like you who will believe them
yes to war no to love xD
Stevang pls dont get mad, dont be jealous, not only serbia can have the bonuses, u need to be more relax about the game, maybe sharing isnt ur thing but u can try, big world u know, u have no limits and want to control everything, that is going to destroy u, breath 1,2,3 breath out 👍🏻
Hm, lets see, Bulgaria has 100% on house, Macedonia on food, USA food and wep. We like sharing we just dont do it with traitors like you. Jealous, on who, traitors like yourself, please, think before you say stupid things like that
He got candy and he is like a kid... happy that after so much time he has some precious bonuses... after he had so much envy towards Serbia for so long Laugh Laugh Laugh