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Amazing battles that we have nowdays.

was a resistance in transilvania the romanian´s capital

Here the result

But Why Romania is losing?
lets checkout his only ally.. SERBIA

Each week Serbia has the number 1 in top damage.
Here an example in the current week

and they have satelites country around the globe

well is clear that Serbia is too strong, who can face it? no one!..
so why Romania is losing??

Lets see the damage of serbia in battles? just the current battles...

we dont need to be a great math person to see the damage spend in useless battles.
and i ignored the battles that at almost the end serbia gonna spend damage protecting their bonuses,
but in case someone thinks maybe im wrong, lets do the math

The battle in transilvania was lost by 117b

The battle against peru 93b
the battle against estonia 5b
the battle against slovenia (rw) 4b
the battle against sweden 14b
the battle against slovenia (direct) 13b
the battle against austria 10b
the battle against bosnia and herzegovina 10b

93+5+4+14+13+10+10= 149b
149b - 117b = 32b

Romania could win that battle that maybe cost them their country if his ally Serbia didnt spend that damage in protecting their bonuses
but we know that the priority of Serbia isnt any ally, is the bonus, dam bonus.

in mexico we saw that, the personality of serbia, that put the bonus above everything else.
even now.. Stevang wrote this..

Stevang doesnt know the value of people, of friends, of allies,
he thinks the most value thing is the bonus, so sad...
Usa dont care about bonuses,
Mexico neither,
Bulgaria neither,
Peru neither,
all the alliance doesnt care about bonuses,

thats why we could say


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The bonuses don t matter, we only care about the allies =)
Te va a acusar el Esteban, Con su tío el gitano
Bullshit propaganda
USA cares about bonuses else Boby won t be so buthurt to keep a NAP with Serbia to not lose their precious bonuses. Mexico left its former alliance just because of envy on Serbia that they got bonuses and Mexico did not. Bulgaria even threatened an alliance member to leave the UKR bonus region to them... and Peru... is that even a country or a tribe? Laugh
@Asmin ahora dilo sin llorar, jajaja Serbia no tiene aliados solo los utiliza para mantener sus bonos...
Serbia WAS, IS and will ALWAYS be ROMANIAS ALLY. When you get that into your head look up the word citizenship in RL and ask Boby from what part of USA he is Laugh I tell you what part... he is a reject from Serbia Laugh (the ones that you intentionally throw out cause it has no value...) Same quality as 99% of USA in this game... and none of them from USA in RL...
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Those who know me would know that USA always think about those in alliance, its not first time USA gave up from bonus. I think its first time that USA had bonus on weapons
yeah serbia and romania great alliance Regions Romania (1) Serbia (80) The other alliance seems more balanced.. USA (62) Peru (24) Mexico (17) Bulgaria (32) Macedonia 21
¡Bravo! La realidad con todas sus letras... ¡pero como duele que se señale algo tan evidente! Espero que por lo menos aprendan algo...
You forgot to mention the amazing leadership of Asmin. The sugar daddy had to come back and retake the presidency to save Romania.