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In the past 2-3 weeks we saw the serbian crying in the global chat, sadly for their neighbours they continued this and it got so bad that it flooded the entire Balkan peninsula creating a new ocean SrboPlac (SerboCry) as you can see in the photo.. now the great American empire is trying trying to find a way for the balkans to be restored given the fact that we have allies there unlike srbeki who were left alone by everyone because everyone saw their true face. But sadly we learned that romanians have started crying as well so at this point the balkans might be in even bigger danger than we thought .But never the less we will try to find a way to protect the little land that is left,until than we providet boats for our allies to be safe from the serbboromanian tears. Our allies don t worry God Enki saved the antient sumerians from the grat flood and i will save our new allies too.



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