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The Karni Mate temple is one of the strangest temples in the world.
This building in India is home to more than 20,000 rats, who not only feed and roam freely, but have the status of a deity with the vast number of people who visit this temple. These sacred animals are called kabas, and people go a long way to pay their respects to these rodents.
Rats are found absolutely everywhere in this temple. On doorknobs, fences, gathered around large containers of milk, coconuts and other food that can be encountered through the temple.
Visitors to this temple must move extremely carefully, so as not to accidentally step on rats. If one of the visitors steps on a rat, he must replace it with a rat made of dry gold.
Rats are protected from birds and other predators by bars that surround the entire courtyard of the temple, and the priests and their families live in the temple and take care of the holy rodents, feed them, and clean up after them.
It is considered especially holy if a white rat is seen in the temple, which is believed to be the reincarnation of the goddess Karni Mata and her four sons, and eating food previously gnawed by rats is considered a blessing.



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