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I leave this game, it s not game play or anything,  i just got bored of it and i want to work on my real life now.. this game was taking a lot from me and yeah if serbia take usa bonuses trust me it is not worth it.. (they will probably but it reaaaaaly is not worth ot). Thanks to Sirvampiro,extremo,positive,hell even Stevang(worthy opponent but don twaste your time here man it sa game with max 50 players).,Primer,Dido(hell i made him angry this last day :D ( chill out man you got angry at me because of a country that despise Bulgaria)
The hardest war for me was against Serbia(duuh ofc) what killed the fin for me? It just got cancerous even if you ask question Lsmin will attack you and if you reply you will get banned so no reason to even ask question when you know that nolifer redneck kid will reply with dumb answer and in the and you will get banned not Lsmin.also the ptos it doesn t make sense for me to fight ptoed by bots countries half the server got ptoed by serbia so let them play alone.
Also it is worth mentioning that most of the players here are virgins so high testosterone is pretty common and i cant be bothered with that.
Respect to our enemies Saudi Arabia only because theu are the only enemy of ours that didn t go on a cry tour.
All in all thanks for the good time and yeah goodbye.
Final words:Lsmin is a looser that needs to find a girlfriend:) 


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No Evans, No vote lol. Good luck in real life, you really need to give time to yourself. Cheers!
Good job, good luck and good bye.. 😔
Send GOLD, weapons and food.
Better yet... send proof of deleting your account or we don t believe you Laugh Wink Cheeky
Good luck in RL. o7
Good Luck
Good luck in real life, hope you see you around again o7
Goodbye, see you soon.
Great Nickname, GL in real life
La clásica mamarrachada de me voy… Si se van, váyanse, no es necesario que nos avienten su rollo de hueva, nos nos extrañarán y no los extrañaremos
greetings from SA ! da si nas prije upoznao nikad nebi hit protiv nas opalio
+ @ Don Camelo conche que conche
How cute, latinis came to say goodbuy to their suggardaddy. He isnt going, he just started twoclick with this account. He have a lot of others
His sitting days on Boby`s account are almost done and he needs to make this account 2click and start running Boby`s account on full mode and make it his main thats why... cause we all know Boby is not playing anymore and he left him the account...
I now see this article, is this was some joke!?!