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A time passed and a lot of things changed, serbia was a small country with a couple of regions, romania was deleted many times, china is rising as the new BEAST…
And we could face the BEAST again,
but what’s the point or the adventure in that?

we know already how this history ends, boby joining forces with mexico, peru, me and dido, we can fight back… whats the fun in knowing how the history ends?

A wise man said once: if you want different results do different things… 
So is what we going to do, not face the BEAST, 
instead join forces, stoping this ridiculous cicle, 
we want to see the admin face when they see a whole world with one color, with WORLDS PEACE!



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Hail Andrew Tate
Asmin is beta
Asmin never what? Haha
Asmin is serbian multi of dragoca installed in romania to hold them on serbian side I ve been saying this for years now. Smile
¡Si! Ya vienen meses, sino es que el año con esa idea... pintemos el mundo de un solo color... ¿cuál?
proposal for the admin. You are a very strong player, he will listen to you more than me. 1.-request that the countries have a maximum of 6 regions, no country has more than 6 regions 2.- that no country has a resource repeated in its originals. 3.- maximum limit of active citizens 50 per country. (forces the other citizens to move to different countries even if they are all from the same 6 countries that we play) 4.- cut to a maximum of 20 players per Military Unit 5.- A country after winning a battle in direct war has 24 hours that it CANNOT send directly until after the 24 hours have passed. So you protect weaker countries. 6.- RW can be opened even if the country does not gain fre . (protect the submissive and have the Dictator come out that will create more battle of attacking different countries at the same time) 7.- Two militarily strong countries cannot be together in the same alliance (so 4 or 5 alliances will have to be formed) 8.- A citizen who does not belong to an alliance cannot buy or produce in a country that does not belong to his alliance group.
Suena a que nos va a borrar china