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RO will no longer sign MPP with SRB. SRB has active dow on BG and refuses to attack them, BG has active dow on SRB and left the initiative to pass and does not attack SRB... USA also does not attack SRB and SRB does not attack USA... that only leads me to think that Coasss went inactive so that Stevan can sign NAP with USA and BG and this is a coward act and RO does not need coward allies.

After this MPP with Serbia will be over Romania with me as CP will no longer sign MPP with Serbia with Stevan as CP and is open to discussions further with any country even with those HOSTILE towards Serbia. RO no longer needs shit allies like Stevan that discuss NAP behind closed doors with their enemies into putting them at no harm and throws their allies alone to fight as SRB did with RO, CH, SA and GR for the 2nd time.

PS: I have regrets towards the friends I still have in Serbia but with this kind of thinking from your CP and GOV that permit Stevan to act so cowardly RO does not accept this anymore and with hard feeling will terminate this friendship !


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You just realized that he sells allies for his benefit xD
What became of Serbia. Sad.
I dont represent eSrb government but i think eSerbia dont have active players to play this game and similar game. I see same situation in others game. eSerbia is not active like before.
I thought that you went neutral 6 months ago
Kosingas, I told him exactly the same thing
Drama queen because her dad is talking with someone else.
hahahaha Evans
Problemas en el terruño, seguro alguno ya le robó la hermana o la prima al otro y se van a empezar a pelear, será una guerra jocosa, a pedradas y mentadas de madre como buenos gitanos
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Now why this psychological terror? Laugh
se robaron a tu hermana husky??? no importa dile a tus padres que hagan otra
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