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Published in Saudi Arabia - Battle orders - 02 Jan 2023 13:33 - 5

Hello bois, 

I want to start playing this game a little bit more active so I have many projects in my mind. 

For this one I announce that SA WILL PAY FOR YOUR DAMAGE. (Most battles will be rw ones)

I invite you all to come to discord channel I just created , where we will give calls for damage.

I prepare 100 k cc to give away for damage and scale goes as 1bn for 100 cc.(this can get only higher depending on battle importance).

Also I will convert cc to gold for any player at rate (100 cc per gold). 

Calls will be made daily, so does opportunity to earn extra benefits.

Tommorow I ll announce other procjects as well , such as possibility for you to sell any resource to SA, or get any,

tax refund in case you work in SA etc.

Also I call all friends to discord to see how can we improve game balance and also to have more fun.

Discord link is bellow. Hope you will come.

Discord link



Just SS me your damage and payout is coming. 


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I m going with conditions, send me a pm to find out
I sell DMG for wep.
Ponestalo demidza il imate vishak pare ?
good ideea for admin, maybe this could be implemented in the game
This is awesome!