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Since we got very funny conversation with Riki  both of us realise that i am macedonian multi. Offcorse that can be seeing from my nationalist avatar and Bulgarian Tsar Boris avatar in front. Im gonna post my confession with chiki.
Almost to forgot one important Angry Character from pur community yes you think right Asmin will help him prove that to be true. It has a lot of experience in proving not existing thinks , i ask the cat and i am glad that she didn t answer me so i can find myself atleast not be a Cesar Milan , but who knows maybe he is a Macedonian and i just expose my real identity. 
But i have contra proposal this guy Saladin convince us that they are Arabs, but i suspect them to lie about that, lets all cry to Admin about it , probably Admin didnt have more important work to do.
pavelcho на Riki | Re: 343256  24 Jan 00:40Cmon man dont be a second yasmin 🤣50Riki на pavelcho | Re: 343255  24 Jan 00:40Well that will not happen soon, but thanks for telling me about selling accaunt.

I LL notify admin too xD50pavelcho на Riki | Re: 343254  24 Jan 00:38Make nap between mace and you and i will not shoot50pavelcho на Riki | Re: 343253  24 Jan 00:37Ye yesterday this acc was selled i am from.macedonia50Riki на pavelcho | Re: 343247  24 Jan 00:32Its Hard to uunderstand why you shoot against Us, since we shoot for Indonesia.



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Pavelcho is espor !
Espor is back....
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🤣🤣 thanks steki cost me 5 hours to find out why was that
For 400g i will make deeper analysis in the situation we are all in now !!