The Seven Seas

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Lies. You found oil there.
At least we re an RL Peruvian community Cheeky. With love, gringos.
Hahahahahaha @brisleain nice one
Isaak, Ace is American... lol
no Ultimatum?
🏢 ✈️ ✈️
lol both irl and in-game, USA is so obnoxious
Perú has mass destruction weapons. Build that wall!
i do know that, but at least 70% of the whole community is American? i don t think so.
So what? You are just jealous no one wants to come to Peru. Cheeky
Make Peru Great Again
Make Peru Great Again
Make Peru Great Again
✪ Doing what is right ✪
We ll learn u how democracy works
Paradores y no correlones CTMR
Murica !
Gib oil
looking for cs Sad Alianza Lima is the Perú
jajaja Hail Chorrillano!!!
Chorrilano? HAHAHAHA, es Chorrillano Cheeky Your idea of fre does not work in here, peruvians are more dangerous than vietnamese people Laugh
Hellow, green go home
Peru for Peruvians. Hail Chorrillano
Bueno llegaremos a hawai como en el juego pasado ,ty USA Heil trump , Heil Hitman
Fun fact : Chorrillano paid for 11th September :sueur:
Kenchi is still buthurted from other game, nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Crying
Estos gringos csm jajajajaja
We are all 100% RL Americans. Check my American Express.
Make Peru Great Again. PS: multis doesnt count as RL community
peru and us have not real cs 😂😂 PTO vs PTO
This article gave me brain cancer
While I do agree that this article is garbage, I would not define anything by those two words except for that thing itself. Suffer well.
You really took that to heart have you?
I did.
Grengo weon anda limpeandome dc ya voy
ψτ, μπαγλαμα pisco, μιας και ειπαμε να μιλαμε ο καθενας τη γλωσσα του, μια ζωη γειτονες θα ειμαστε, θα δεις τι θα πει σκλαβια για παντα Wink