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【Quebec Times】CountryBall | Mate :
Hue hue
Rofl xD
Omae wa mou shindeiru o7
Cuando veo que esto les parece gracioso es cuando acaban mis esperanzas en la humanidad. Es lo más teto que he visto en mi vida
Baguette !
Damn. One must be desperate for a laugh to find this funny.
SOA o7
@Fernandes Only a game, you need to learn to laugh budy
I love these, this one wasnt very funny tho, but keep them coming
seems many people doesnt know omae wa mou shindeiru xD
SOA o7
Pls translate to brazilian so they can understand Laugh
MaÔê, mah mah que grandê Bosta HahaeeÊ Mah Vem pra cá, vem pra cá Mariaa, vem pra cá Manoel ... Vem pra pipa do Silvão ÔôÊê
and when after 1.5 years you find out ancy is zebosk wow :facepalm:
Y a pas de fromage avec la baguette ?
Quem rir por último rir melhor !