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The wonderful eRev2 Nation of Ireland had a good first 2 1/2 weeks in the game.

Our lation is growing strongly attracted by our activity and community...truly one of the nicest in the game.
(While you are reading come join Our Discord you will not be disappointed)

But also our ambition to be one of the main players in the game. 

Our expansion has started aided by our friends in the game.

We used Iceland (thanks Canada) as a stepping stone to Norway battling our way to our new homes in Scandinavia.

It has not been easy for us, we are still relatively a small eNation (but as I said growing steadily) but with our fine military, a well disciplined and active force, Óglaigh na hÉireann, we overcame our opponents despite their greater numbers.

As I said our route out of Ireland was not easy...we had to pop over to Iceland and then into Norway.

However our "friends" the UK tried to prevent our route to Sweden by an attack of their own.  The Irish Government sent Óglaigh na hÉireann to the field of battle to prevent this happening and this they did in true Fighting Irish style with help from our real allies.

Next Ireland launched a blistering attack on South Iceland thus ensuring our moving through to Norway...we were on our way.

I will continue the story of the birth of the New Ireland in eRev 2 in subsequent articles.

If you you are interested in joining Ireland, come by our Discord and shoot me or one of the minsters a message.

Thanks for reading.


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Ireland, Our People served so well by our Military
Ireland, Our People served so well by our Military 07
o7 nice article and good luck Cheeky
ohh ireland have balls Cheeky
Gl o7
Back to back, shoulder to shoulder o7
Ireland, Our People served so well by our Military o7
westgaminghd back 200g to Swedan treasure o7
Proud of being friends o/
Been there, done that.
Ireland , Our People n Allies served so well o7