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Published in Brazil - Warfare analysis - 23 Oct 2018 23:50 - 59

Any aggression to one of our allies will have consequences !!
There is a message at the end of this video!!

Hail Bósnia !!
Hail Poland !!

Hail Nations League! 


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cry Laugh
lool nice Cheeky
Esto apenas comienza 😎 Votado porque amo Asia 💙
SOA o7
Poland declared war first so who s the aggressor ?
Nice ! NL TEAM Smile
Dont cry kaveh. Hahaha
SOA o7
SOA o7
Boa sorte Cheeky
famous. ty
Whats the last battle?xD i just shot a missile for the BH mission (mission 15) .I know that im strong,no need to celebrate when i do 1 hit xD Also PA is the Portuguese Army.OFC is a mercenary squad. Vote for the music selection o7
In the end u call ur multies to shoot missiles? xD
Hahaaeeê, Bem bolado, bem bolaadoo. MaÔê. [Anúncio Jequiti] Quem quer dinheirooo?
Are we supposted to pretend that s why you attacked Portugal? Because our allies attacked some of yours, for all i care Portugal has no allies, we re mercenaries, hell, I don t even like Pantheon members. But the real reason you attacked us is the fact that you want our saltpeter and will go to any lenghts to get it, even make multies and exploit the missile missions.
@kenchi - You can cry at will. Mercenaries have bonuses? I thought countries had bonuses.
that in the end was multis or? Laugh Laugh Laugh
@Yoda English isn t your strong suit?
@kenchi Yes, my English is bad. But I can interpret what it is to be a country and what it is to be a mercenary MU. So in the next time think before you speak about something. for example bonuses for Mercenary MU.
12 in the same alliance ? Cool.
@Eldrad can you read this
Al poder Wink
@yoda, we play a game that all the MUs has a country as base.We are mercenaries.And our current base is Portugal.Have you saw Portugals ePopulation?90% is our mu.In the future we might not be part of Portugal,but for now,we have a base here,and you attack the bonuses that our members are working their companies.Portugals national mu is Portugal Army,so your article has a mistake...We dont fight for Pantheon,we dont fight for Portugal.We fight for our selves,and for the moment you are attacking our members economy .
@ChrisGeoRM - I respect economy and portuguese people. But, what I can see in the Pantheon articles, we are attacking a member country there. Do not make our attack personal. This is just a game and we had the chance to be on the same side. This is just a war between two major cooperative alliances and each with its strategy
Tretaaaa queremos tretaaaaa
@yoda bro i dont take nothing personal on a game like this.But you can be salty some times. Why did u even post the Senegal RW??As a win against OFC and PT? Did you even saw how many hits i did in this battle and whole OFC? JUST 1 HIT! 1 HIT!! .What can i say..Huge victory,did u really had ppl online to watch me shooting 1 shot and then u celebrated it?
The Hero of battle with Brasil is a Multi xD I ve expected more of SOA, you guys dont need to cheat to make the battle interesting, you have already x2 of our lads, fight us fairly and this war might be interesting, dont go down in History as cheaters, Brazil has alot of great guys, that im pretty sure that dont see themselves in such low tactics.
Bro first. We are fight against Portugal in Senegal. And now I can see many damage of OFC in azores. Only this. In this article there is OFC because in a few minutes you can see some damage of OFC there. I dont have no problem with OFC. But now I have a enemy damage with OFC only this. If you are allie or no, I dont know but you agree with me, I can see OFC damage in battle.
If you count a battle of 9045 hits vs 71 hits a fight...I cant say nothing more...For now you fight alone against our ff.So the next time u will mention OFC,plz show us the hits and the dmg that our mu dealt on in these battles.Stats are the best way to lie,i respect ur mu,i dont think u are liers Wink
Oh so nice. I am very happy now. Sorry about that. 😥 finally I had a good notice today. Azores will be more easy I think. Thanks man.
@Chris In fact OFC dont fight for now. In next video I will retire OFC. Smile
We just spend ff and gain medals for now.If you played erev 1,im sure that u will understand when OFC will start fighting.We didnt evenr released our contract prices ..For now we give loans and we are fighting to gain medals and boost our economy. Its a fact that our dmg per member is bigger than any other mu,you can check stats about that.And imagine that we spend just ff and some missiles for the missions.
Me paso tus advertencias por salva sea la parte, pequeña marioneta verde
Nice video.