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That day has come, the day that I could not imagine would come in my eRev experience Georgia DW-ed and NE-ed Turkey, ally that he have been loyal towards, for years. 

I am sure many will question why, what happened and etc. Those questions are reasonable, because everyone in the game that knows Georgian community, knows that we have never ever betrayed our ally or stabbed anyone in back(as people use to say) It was my personal effort in eRevollution that Georgia should be an loyal ally, no matter how strong allies are, no matter how strong the actual Alliance is, Georgia should follow the principles that we agreed upon which are being Loyal and Defending Alliance Interests. I think as community we have nothing to prove to our allies, nor enemies, they all know who and what we are, most of you know me personally as well, same goes for Turkish community, they know me well, especially my good friend Kinyas, most wise and clever representative and leader that Turkish community ever had, knows that Georgia would not DW Turkey without a proper reason, he even sent me a message today, where he asked - is that a real war or some kind of trick, because he could not believe, because he knows well how much we accomplished together, we had deep friendly bonds that last for years, even after I and Kinyas left eRev1 for a long time, communities still remembered everything we have done, but unfortunately I have to say that, it is a real war.

What could be the reason to turn against our oldest ally? 

I can say only one thing - Atropatess, that guy I would say has no proper sense of ethics and morality, even his diplomatic skills are amusing, that guy became my enemy #1, give me a bit more time to explain why. 

So everything started about a week and half ago I guess, I talked with eIran friend Bulletz4Breakfast on Discord and we discussed alliances in eRev2, since we were good allies, I already thought that Georgia-Iran-Turkey would be on same side, just like in old days, he said that Iran supports that idea, they have no problems with being together, but he also said that I should talk with Turkey, well I did not mind, I thought that this "talk" would be just formality and I was sure that Turkey would never refuse Georgia being on their side, so I checked and saw that Atropatess is CP of Turkey, I texted him on Discord about us being together in Alliance and I was disappointed like never in this game, seeing Turkish CP saying that "We cannot be allies, we only can be allies in case where Georgia will cede Russia and give it to Turkey" I was mad as , I knew that Turkey had some talks with bigger countries than eGeorgia, so I was sure that Turkey was trying to create alliance with strongest countries in game, but they all failed.

So after Atropatess failed to find common ground with Bulgaria and etc, he texted me back.

So couple of hours later, from that talk, Atropatess texted me again, saying that he is chill now and can rediscuss what we have talked about couple of hours ago, I told him that I was not mad(I was lying, but I could not deny Turkey, because of one CP) I was just disappointed hearing such things, from Turkish CP, so at the end, they agreed to be our allies, at first they were supposed to be part of Cus Belli, but then when new countries arrived we had no free spots, so we were forced to create second alliance, which happened to be Nations League, before leaving Cus Belli channel Inarius and Atropatess gave us their word that, those alliances would be aligned and would help each other in case of wars, after Impeachments, Ukraine got DW-ed by Romania and Bulgaria, which meant war with PANTHEON ALLIANCE, but instead of offering help, they just wanted to block Bulgaria from getting Fish, while Turkey was going to take it, I was disagree with such plan, I offered ALL-IN plan, where Balkan Trio(Romania,Serbia,Bulgaria) countries that were part of Pantheon Alliance, should be attack by both Cus Belli and Nations league, since Pantheon had power, we only had 1 weapon to use - the NUMBERS, we could drain them a lot more, with such tactic and at least have a chance, against stronger foe.

When I offered that plan to Inarius and Atropatess, they said that, they have to discuss that on meeting with Alliance, but I was pushing them to do it faster, because we were allies and It was strange for me that such thing needed that much discussion inside NL, so at last Atropatess told us that they are not going to attack Pantheon Alliance,  before they will not touch any of NL countries, another disappointment, in such a short period of time, they basically left us alone against Pantheon, when the promised that we were going to be Allies, after hearing that from Atropatess, I asked him were not him and Inarius the ones that promised to help in case of war? I asked him couple of questions, but only answer was to - "Shut the up while I am talking" - It was ironic and hilarious at the same time, hearing such a words from Turkish CP, only thing I said was that - "You just made a huge mistake".

So as conclusion, I wanna make it clear for whole game, what will happen to Traitors in first place and then what will happen to guys that dare to insult closest allies so easily. 

I will show them my FURY.



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Pas lu
Sounds exactly like Turks Smile
Wtf ?
Finally, no more - come to turkey work blablabla
I TOLD YOU BACK IN EREV1, DIDN T I TELL YOU?! You were laughing then, not so funny now, is it!!! Cheeky
Come to turkey to work, for cs contact me... Error 404 turkey not found... you can join Georgia or Greece then for the same bonuses i guess :3
I TOLD YOU BACK IN EREV1, DIDN T I TELL YOU?! You were laughing then, not so funny now, is it!!! Cheeky
niiice f-ing Pantheon, always ruining things
Big lies.... Laugh Do ur best.
Chirivit mezizgeba turkebi.yletayle xalxia da es atropatess xo vafshe bajaglo yla
#FURY Smile)
Its sauce!
aveun VS astro again. why you killing friendships of our country s?
Aveun or astro cannot tell me that turkey or georgia will become our enemy. This is a personal situation aveun vs astro. so you are wrong and you have not right to do what you want. aveun and astro it isnot georgia or torkey. so if we was real friend we must do our best to stop this persons
cCc Atropates cCc
cCc Atropates cCc
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