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Hello dear readers,

You are, by now, used to my spam and troll articles, so here's something semi-different for a change.

A few days ago we've experienced the first major player-based outrage concerning the sudden and unannounced change of rules with regard the current missions where admins decided to balance the system by increasing the amount of gold necessary to quickly complete the "bomb" missions.

In case you've missed this alltogether, a quick a good recap of the story so far is available in the article prepared by my Serbian colleague: Don't be sheep - follow your brain.

Basically, if you've managed to collect enough gold by day 3 of the mission (myself included), you were able to, among other items, by spending 20g, collect 1 BIG MADAFAKA bomb and 5 semi-big bombs. The amount of DMG these babies create is staggering (so early in the game, especially if you are not a VISA player): 4 MIL (big one 1 MIL, 5 small ones 3 MIL combined). Of course, you could have fulfilled the mission without spending any gold (not sure whether a normal, non-VISA player is able to do this), but, for the sake of the argument, let's say you've spend those 20g.

This, in turn, gives you the benefit of getting a lot of ally, patriot and resistance medals (for the beginning of the game, and especially if you are not a VISA player), and, depending on how carefully you deploy them, battlehero and/or resistance hero medals. I didn't do the math, but I am guessing that you might get something between 30 to 50, if not more gold. So, if you've done this, let's say that you've earned around 20-30 if not more gold alltogether (gold from medals minus 20g investment).

Having in mind that the Training Ground upgrade is coming soon, in 11 days, this is a serious addition to the fund you are setting up to pay those 70g necessary to upgrade your training camp to 3rd level (on Day 30). Almost half of the fund!

A lot of people, however, did not collect enough gold to "purchase" those bomb missions by day 3, or were planning to do this near the end of the mission duration. However, on day 4 of the missions, they've realised that the price has gotten significantly higher, 70g for both missions, making it hardly worthwhile to invest into them by making the purchase.

Thus, people getting upset. And when you combine that with a number of VISA players who are already getting quickly apart from the rest of us, people start to complain about the increasing divide. Of course, buying gold is a legitimate process, necessary for the game to work in the first place, but the decision to increase the price during the mission was perhaps not the best PR move to make so early in the game.

So, here's a little thought on a possible semi-remedy.

I propose the following mission to be implemented tomorrow or the next day:

Basically, the players would be given an opportunity to get that missed opportunity gold stimulus they've failed to collect on the current missions. How? As the mission text explains, you would have to restrain yourself from posting anything on the international wall (or international shouts wall) for 10 days in a row ;)

I would imagine that the ingame API would allow the admins to monitor this sort of activity. If not, one might to this by hand :)

Another benefit is to finally have ourselves rid from those S4S messages, or trade offers, or come and work in Turkey, and stuff like that ;) At least for 10 days. Of course, there will be players who won't care less, but this might turn out to be an interesting experiment in human psyche :)

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments :)

Lord Marlock


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dafuq xD Well ygot some ideas but that sure is weird