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Argentina's Official National Sport is El Pato 

Although football is undoubtedly the most lar sport in Argentina, the official national sport is a unique and lesser-known game called El Pato.
This thrilling sport is a mix of polo, basketball, and horseback riding, where players on horseback attempt to land a rubber ball in a floating basket or goal.
The game is a symbol of Argentina's rich cultural heritage and its love for equestrian sports. With every El Pato match, the crowds are filled with excitement and the players with determination, making it an unforgettable experience.

Football Legend Maradona Inspired a Religion

The legendary football skills of Diego Maradona have inspired such devotion that a church was opened in his honor in 1998. The Church of Maradona is located in Rosario and was created by a group of dedicated fans.
The church now has over 120,000 members and even has its own ten commandments, including naming your first son Diego and considering the ball sacred. The church is a testament to Maradona's incredible talent and enduring impact on his loyal fans' hearts.
If you need more proof of his larity, he infamously scored the "Hand of God" goal against England in the 1986 Fifa World Cup. That famous goal helped his country win the world cup and will forever be remembered by members of this church and the world alike.

There is a Law Against Naming a Child Messi

Football legend Lionel Messi led the Argentinian team to victory in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, inspiring millions worldwide. After Argentina won, a resident in Messi's hometown of Rosario named his son after the soccer star.
Rosario's government officials realized that many would follow suit and worried about "m confusion" down the line if the name became too lar. So, they implemented a city-wide ban preventing parents from naming their kids Messi.


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