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Published in Montenegro - Warfare analysis - 20 Nov 2023 23:11 - 7

Hello, eWorld!

its been exactly 30 days since North Macedonia launched an attack on the Kingdom of Montenegro in order to conquer our regions and our bonuses.

Due to the game mechanism, the war is now closed.

I am happy to announce that the Kingdom of Montenegro DECLARES VICTORY over our aggressor!

We have not only managed to defend ourselves, but we were able to strike back, conquering several core regions of North Macedonia and succesfully defending several RWs.
The Kingdom of Montenegro established presence in the core territories of North Macedonia for several weeks, draining trillions of damage, disrupting their bonuses and depleting them of hundreds of thousands of weapons and other war material and costing them thousands of gold in war and economy damage.

We thank our allies for the incredible help they have provided. We do not forget and we will return the favor.

As I have said above, the war is now closed. The last region of our aggressor in our hands has been ceded without a fight. The first chapter of this conflict is over and Im sure the second one will begin. And the third and the fourth... The Kingdom will wait to see how the situation will evolve but the military readiness will stay at the highest level until further notice.

We will always be ready to defend our borders and strike back. Let this adventure of our aggressor be a lesson to all enemies. You wont find what youre looking for here.
We are open for talks and negotiations, but keep in mind that anything that we deem harmful to our sovereignty will be REJECTED.

We are ready.
We are not alone.

Signed by,
King of Montenegro



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Црна Гора ка Монако о7
Hahahahahahah kingdom of montenegro hahahahah Istok-zapad 100km Sever- jug 100km
a long and glorious history full of chapters of victory, which began months ago, not disdaining any player or any country, but only taking into account their voice and participating in the dialogue to form increasingly stronger alliances and fronts Long live Montenegro!