The Seven Seas

Published in Bulgaria - Warfare analysis - 24 Oct 2018 20:54 - 16



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Pantheon o7
Pantheon o7
why dont show u multies lol cry Smile
Where is your multies Einstein?
Pantheon o7
Bulgaria is one of the worst multi makers. 2acc with same ip is typical.
о7 I wonder why Turkey players can`t win the war even with multies Laugh And why the president of Turkey was banned. 10 minutes later the ban was removed from admins in game. Cry Turkey players. All the word will laught on you, because you can`t win the war even with multis !!! Laugh Laugh Laugh
Respect bulgarians from georgia !!!
Multi kartal gibi
MultiWars 2 : The Return
Everyone tyrks are bigest cheaters and multieusers in all games of this kind.
v 55 ... awesome article
Ok, now someone explain how multies manage to do n kk of damage, while I can only around 50k per all hp with some weapons. Anyway, never treated multies as fighters. Bots=economy, votes, party wars; my last attempt to add military module to bot keeper software failed because I got bored, in fact.