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Greetings puny mortals, i have a quest for you.

A quest like no other. A quest allmost impossible. A quest way better than the unworthy missions that the admins gives you. 

Are you strong enough? 

Do you have what it takes?

Will you be alive enough to celebrate after the quest?

Are you a hero or a coward?

Here i present to you the best quest of all the time and the universe, 

Step 1; subscribe my newspaper.

Step 2; vote this article

Step 3 ; write the numbers under this article.

step 4 ; be happy and stay awesome.

after you completed all the steps and finished the quest you Will be rewarded with a thank you and a sub back to your newspaper.





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Laugh i like cats vs
Ben de bi sey var sandim. Okudum okudum odul yine opucuk Laugh
Tom it is you?
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