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Dia Dhuit Ireland,

Welcome to the first article by the Ministry of Finance, eIreland. Whilst this server hasn't allowed for Org's to be created yet, I will be releasing updates and information in regards to all money matters via my own personal paper. So to stay tuned into the happenings, please subscribe or keep an eye out in the shout box.

First of all, while many of us have an idea on how this game will progress, we are yet to see what changes the developers will put in place compared to eRev 1, so while our plans moving forward might be good for today, in a few weeks time with different updates, we might need to look at something different.

Current Law Proposal

As you can see here: Law Proposal there is current Donation Law being voted on. This law is to issue 6,000cc to the CP to be used in the money markets to allow eIrish citizens to gain cash. This is something that will happen until our money market is self sufficient.

The government is allowed to convert Gold to CC with in game law proposals (Issue Money Law) which 'should' (going off the other server) be at 1 gold = 100cc, so with this ability, your government should be able to keep our currency market afloat during these early stages of the game. Note: Gold gained from the selling of currency will be put back into the government coffers to be flipped again.

Future Plans

Whilst I work at the discretion of our CP (Currently the vote is under way), I have proposed some idea's to him, to get our country financially strong, our citizens rich and our economy off the ground. These ideas include:

- Ensure CC and Gold is always on the market for our citizens to use.

- Take a close look at the taxes paid on company upgrades and see if we can do a rebate program or use it to fund government initiatives (ie. TG upgrade help, food drops, mission istance)

- Full accountability, starting from today Day 20 using Google Sheets,  With weekly updates (and earlier ones if the game/laws effect our finances).

- Open and frank discussion about where you the citizens of eIreland would like to see the government use it's money.

                                                                                                                              About Me

Some of you might know me from other browser games or from lurking in the dark halls of discord. But if you dont, let me tell you a small bit about me. I have played the role of MoF elsewhere, as well as held down many different government positions. I believe in honesty and transparency when it comes to our nations finances. I strongly feel the government, when able too, it should ist our citizens who contribute to our nation. Be it via 'buying local', Food drops, development plans or the like. 

But while these are the things I believe in, I also know I am just one player in an ever growing country, so you as citizens of eIreland should voice your thoughts about the direction and idea's for our government.

Rusty D
Governor eIreland

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